Holistic Therapies With Conventional Medical Supervision for People Losing Hair

A person who feels distraught about his or her increasing hair loss may benefit from treatment by a dermatologist. If this individual prefers holistic therapy and generally shies away from conventional medical treatment, it’s good to know there are dermatologists who work with patients in this endeavor. Strategies such as improving general health and taking nutritional and herbal supplements can stop and even reverse hair loss, although sometimes medical treatment for the skin is advisable as well.

A skin doctor who helps patients with holistic therapies may offer recommendations for supplementing specific vitamins and minerals as well as other healthy substances. Certain combinations of substances have been shown to be effective for increasing hair density, depending on the cause. Examples include vitamins C and E, fish oil, lycopene and black currant seed oil. Lycopene is the pigment that gives tomatoes their bright red color.


It’s best not to simply start taking a bunch of supplements without learning what is causing the hair loss, however. Certain combinations may only be effective for specific conditions, such as mild female pattern hair loss, for example. In addition, large doses of some supplements are not advisable for everyone. Some individuals may experience upset stomach when taking large amounts of vitamin C, for example. Using these holistic strategies under a dermatologist’s supervision can provide the best results.

Modifying the diet and reducing stress also may be strategies advised by a dermatologist at a clinic such as the Skin of Culture and Hair Center, commonly called SOCAH Center. The body often can better utilize vitamins and minerals from food than it can from supplements, so following a diet designed to improve hair health and general physical well-being is advisable.

Stress can cause or aggravate hair loss. In fact, the U.S. National Library of Medicine says that significant physical or emotional stress can actually cause more than half of a person’s hair to gradually fall out, as the follicles go into a resting state. Using techniques such as meditation, listening to soothing music and taking walks in nature may be helpful for stress reduction if the individual cannot immediately eliminate the cause of the stress.


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